2018-19 Uniform Guidelines

K-5th Mon-Wed: Maroon, Black, Royal or Heather Gray polo along with khaki or navy bottoms.

Thursday – Dress day: Maroon polo with khaki bottoms or plaid skirt. White peter-pan collar shirt with plaid jumper may also be worn.

6th-10th Mon- Wed: White Oxford shirts or choice of maroon, gray, royal, or black polo along with khaki or navy bottoms.

Thursday- Dress day: (Boys: white oxford shirt with maroon logo, approved tie from vendor, khaki bottoms) (Girls: maroon polo with logo or white oxford shirt with logo and plaid skirt.)

Athletics: This year all students participating in afterschool athletics will need gym shorts (appropriate length) with a solid-color plain t-shirt (no graphics, band logos, etc.)


Shirts shall be worn tucked in while on campus (PE or other physical education type activities excluded).

White or navy uniform style polo without any embellishments or logos may be worn during the 2018-2019 school year.

TCA will phase out students being able to wear the Vista Academy green and yellow polo shirts with their uniform effective January 1, 2019. The last day to wear Vista Academy green or yellow will be Friday, December 21, 2018.

Friday: TCA Spirit shirt and jeans. No holes, tears, rips, etc.

Shoes/Belt: Shoes appropriate for PE with non-marking soles for the gym floor should be worn daily. Flip flops, light-up shoes, boots (on PE days), and sandals without heel straps are not permitted to be worn. Black and brown belts are preferred.

Leggings/tights may be worn with skirts/jumpers but must be solid colors – black, white, gray, navy, maroon, etc..

Outerwear: No pull-over hoodies or hoodies may be worn in the school. Light jackets/sweaters worn in the classroom must be zip or button-up so that the uniform top can be seen. Solid or majority colors only.

Heavy and winter coats must be removed and placed in the lockers or classroom storage areas during the instructional day. Teachers may provide exceptions on cold days or when the building heat has not warmed the room to a comfortable level.

Uniform checks will be completed daily by homeroom and first period teachers. Parents of students that are out of uniform will be contacted during first period for them to bring a change of clothing.

ID Badges - Upper Campus Students

To help identify Upper Campus students, TCA will provide ID badges. After ID badges are issued (October 2018), upper level students will be required to wear their ID badge daily.

The initial badge will be provided at no cost to students; however, temporary badges for students who forgot their ID badge will be available daily for $1.00. Replacement badges for students who lost their ID will be available for students to purchase for $5.00.

Upper Campus students may earn free dress days by having perfect attendance.

College Color Days (Upper and Lower Campus)

The first instructional Monday of the month students may wear any college logo shirt or t-shirt with jeans or other approved bottoms. Please encourage participation each month.