2020-21 Dual Credit Courses Offered through Tyler Junior College

Upon successful student registration through TJC and completion of passing TSI scores, 11th and 12th grade students will have the opportunity this year to earn college credit through our dual credit partnership with Tyler Junior College. Course offerings for Juniors include English and U.S. History. Our Seniors this year will be able to take Anatomy & Physiology. Seniors that successfully completed AP English III with a passing score on their AP test will be signed up for dual credit English IV. Most Juniors will need to plan to take the TSI this summer in reading and writing to qualify for dual credit. Seniors, please pay special attention to the information on test exemptions below to see if you qualify.

Tyler Classical Academy will cover course tuition for dual credit students for their first dual credit course. Once the course is completed with a passing grade, we will then pay for up to two a year, as long as the student receives passing grades for the courses. If a student does not receive a passing grade for the course, future dual credit courses taken will need to be paid for by the student. Students in all dual credit courses will be responsible for the cost of any textbooks required for the course.

To register for dual credit courses, please complete the following steps:

  • Step 1 - Students must complete an application for admission through Tyler Junior College at this link. If you are a previous TJC dual credit student, skip to step 2.

  • Step 2 - Successful completion of the TSI test for college readiness. Test sections will be given based on the requirements of the dual credit course. We will be providing the first administration of the TSI at no cost at Tyler Classical Academy for enrolled students this summer. Please click here to register for an available testing date. If a student does not pass, they may re-test at their own cost and must set this up through the Tyler Junior College testing center. Proof of passing TSI scores or exemptions (see below) will be required before course registration can be completed.

Students may be exempt from the TSI test if they meet the below guidelines.

Below are State of Texas guidelines regarding “college readiness”

A high school student is also eligible to enroll in academic dual credit courses that require demonstration of TSI college readiness in reading, writing, and/or mathematics under the following conditions:

(A) Courses that require demonstration of TSI college readiness in reading and/or writing:

(i) if the student achieves a minimum score of 4000 on the English II State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness End of Course (STAAR EOC);

(ii) ACT - composite score of 23 with 19 in English

(iii) SAT - 480 evidence-based reading and writing

(B) Courses that require demonstration of TSI college readiness in mathematics:

(i) if the student achieves a minimum score of 4000 on the Algebra I STAAR EOC and passing grade in the Algebra II course;

(ii) ACT - composite score of 23 with 19 in Math

(iii) SAT - 530 math

  • Step 3 - Once the above steps are complete, Mrs. Cawthon (kcawthon@responsiveed.com) will email the course registration forms and parent consent forms to place the student in the dual credit course(s).

The final deadline for all steps to be complete and for student to be registered into a dual credit course is Wednesday, July 29th.

If you have any questions regarding our dual credit program, please email our academic counselor, at kcawthon@responsiveed.com. Our goal is your student's success!